Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucy in "Silicon Valley"

So Lucy came to visit our house in Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, California).  She arrived just before Easter and spent the holiday with us. (Oops, sorry no pictures from that day.)  

We took Lucy to visit many of the Silicon Valley iconic companies.

Here she is buckled up tight for the car ride.  I probably l should have gotten her a car seat, but for the short visit I thought just buckling her in would be sufficient.  First we stopped by SkypeTM

and then facebook...

Here she is by the sign .. she doesn't look so small, until you see the WHOLE SIGN ..

Then we skipped on over to Google.  There wasn't any place for Lucy to sit down so she hung on the "e" for the picture.

and here we were ..

After all this driving around, we realized that Lucy needed some shades ... the California sun was getting to her .. 

Here she is at Yahoo!

and our final "landmark" ...

and now after all of our adventures, we will bid Lucy a fond farewell and send her on her way to her next destination ..