Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Rabbit has Landed!......

....in Scotland!

Unfortunately, she's far too tired from her long haul flight across a very big ocean and a couple of small seas to even pose for a pic and she has told me to tell you that she can't wait for Santa to arrive tomorrow because she's been ever-so-good for everyone on her travels and she's going to be a good little bunny while she's at Nana's because Nana is incredibly busy over the next couple of days. So Lucy is going to have a good long rest to get over her jet-lag and after that, will begin another Big Adventure. In the meantime, she wishes all of you a Very Merry Xmas and a Guid (pronounced 'gid', meaning good)New Year.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodbye Maine!

I have to say that my stay in Maine with the Lamoureux's was fun!  I learned a lot, and I know that I always have a home to come to when I am here!

I am blogging this morning while waiting for my flight!  Do you want to know where I am going??? Then you will have to wait and see the next time I blog! I will say that I am also leaving the USA, for now...

Lucy was not happy that I was leaving, or getting a car ride without her!  Thea has promised to make her a new friend to watch over, as she did me!  I do not want to feel like she lost her job! I love you too Lucy!

I have wrapped up all of my extra goods that I have collected along the way!  I am sending them to my Mum so I will not loose them, and will have them always for wonderful memories!  Also Mum, you will find what I made for you, and little Christmas presents for my brothers!  Please add the hugs and kisses that go with them!

Here is the package that is going to Mum!  The post lady said that it would be about a week or so...think of me when you open it!

They are now calling my flight! 

See you all again soon!

Love Lucy!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The rest of the week!!!

Hello Everyone!

I had a wonderfully long sleep and several naps, so now I am all rested up to show you the rest of my week!

We had a little "dusting" of snow in the evening hours!!!

I ran around in the flakes, I tried making a snow angel, but it was so light and fluffy that the wind took it away as soon as I stood up!


This was my favorite day of the week!!! Thea took me to see the Blackswoods Alpacas and Farm!!!
Oh, they were just lovely!

First we went into the gift shop to meet the owner! Her name is Laura!

I touched everything!!! (Don't worry Mum, it was allowed in there!)  I had Thea take a picture of my two favorite shades of the fiber!

Me with the alpacas that were my size!

All of the goodies that I am sitting with are made with alpaca fiber! I napped a bit while Thea and  Laura talked.

Then outside we went! It was sooooo cold!!! The wind chill was below zero!

We went to see the five boys that are in a back of the shop!  The girls are not too far away, but it was just too chilly to go far!

This is my favorite alpaca!  His name is Spider Man!!!

Laura brought me out around back with her!  I got to go right in the yard with them!

I hung out where they eat there hay and most of them came out to give me a good sniff.

They are very, very gentle!!! No nibbles on me! 

And they even offered a bite of there hay!  It was tasty and sweet!

Then they noticed that Thea was outside of their area, and went back around the other side of the barn. They can be a bit shy too!

Polaris was the only alpaca that did not get up to met me!  He saw that I was not eating too much of his hay, and since he had made himself a small spot of warmth, he wasn't moving anywhere.  Thea has some of his roving that she is going to combine with the angora bunnies fir!

Mum, We need a couple of these guys at home!!!


Today we are at Shirley's Yarn, Crafts, and Gifts Store!!!  This is where Thea buys most of her yarn!  They all seem to know her here anyway!

We spent a lot of time here, I hopped around and checked out all sorts of yarn...

Got stuck trying to touch the dyed angora...

Found Peter Rabbit jelly beans! They were delicious! 

And before I left, they gave me a little change purse to remember Maine by!!!

Home again for a nap!

But I couldn't get settled so I worked on my project for Mum some more!

Today I worked on sewing it up!  Thea really needed to help, we sewed wrong parts together and undid stitches several times! We put it down after a bit to go get Ky after school.

The Weekend!

Here I am visiting the Historical Ruggles' House! (We actually forgot to take a picture of the outside, it was raining so hard, and we had ducked inside quickly!) We came today for there Annual Tea that supports the homes maintenance.

I am on the Flying Stair Case!  It looks like wings on the second half of them, and there are not any supports underneath.  The docent said that it's all about math, and the skill of the carpenter!  

Today they had a band playing on the mid-stair case landing!

People where here in period dress, and they talked a bit funny too, but I could understand them just fine.

The paperwork that makes this a historical landmark!

I got to sit on an antique quilt with old cards, and an old fashion fan.

Here is one of my favorite old cards!

This picture is of Mary Ruggles Chandler.  She lived here once!

Then I found the kitchen!!! Goodies, and hot mulled cider!!!

They sat me right down with my own cookie!  This was an open house, after I learned about the kitchen, and everyone was sitting and eating, I go to tell them a little about my adventures as well.  Everyone thought my travels are really interesting!

One of the kids dared me to touch this!  Thea caught me before I did, and explained what it was for!  Guess I should not take suggestions from red-headded little boys!

So...back to exploring the rest of the house!  I am sitting on hearth mantel that is in the kitchen.

Here is where the whole hearth and chimney structure used to be!  It went all the way to the basement, most of the cooking was done there!

Here is the sink! Look at all of the old utensils!

Here is the mantel in the living room!  No one is allowed in here, but we were escorted in!  So, this one time it was okay!  If you look carefully at the woodwork, you can see some intricate carving!  It was all done by hand in that room, everything was done with a pen knife, and there is not a piece of trim, with out this work on it!!!

Here is the lovely decorated wreath I'd said I would show you!  Smith's Family Wreaths did the greenery decorations here!  Ky's aunt actually made this one!

Upon leaving I was curious about how this door actually worked! Although there is a newer lock on it, the old one still works.  So, I asked why the new one? I was told that they were not going to push their luck, and have it stick one day!  They do not want to break the lock, they only use when it is being cleaned and maintained!

Lots of people were coming in as we looked around, so after the tea, cookies, and tour we left to get ready for more of the towns festivities!

Here I am with Ky!  We are at the Union Hall.  It is currently being renovated for the towns 150th Anniversary Celebration next year!

Here is the hall at night!  We are going to be walking around town to see some lit homes, and go to the annual tree lighting.

Brand new stairs have been put in!

And repainting has been done as well!

Taking a break for a minute!  Those spot lights were really bright!  I was seeing spots for a few minutes after this!

In the background you can see that a lot of windows in town are lit!

These windows are huge! You can only see about half way up in this picture!  Ky said I looked like a Christmas card in this picture!

While waiting for everyone to leave the Hall, Ky walked me around for a bit!  We were a little tired!

The walk woke us up though!

All the Christmas lights in all of the homes were beautiful!

Some of the homes were huge! It did look a lot better in person!

When we got to the tree it started to rain a bit!

They lit the tree, said a blessing for the tree, people, and the season.

Then it started pouring!!! Home we went to PJ's, hot cocoa, and a nice warm fire!!!

Monday This Week!

While we were out this weekend, we were invited to the Downeast Salmon Federation!  

Here you learn all about the life cycle of the salmon, and how the local rivers are stocked with these fish!

They have all sorts of projects going, and they are also into protecting the habitats of these fish, and the peoples access to these waters!

They do events locally so everyone can become aware of what they are trying to do here!

I even got to see a little baby "fry" with my own eyes! He's stared at me a lot! I don't think he had ever seen a rabbit before!

They even had a salmon decorated for the Holidays!

Today, I am finally lazing around in jammies all day! So, what did you do all last week?

Love Lucy!!!