Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goodbye Maine!

I have to say that my stay in Maine with the Lamoureux's was fun!  I learned a lot, and I know that I always have a home to come to when I am here!

I am blogging this morning while waiting for my flight!  Do you want to know where I am going??? Then you will have to wait and see the next time I blog! I will say that I am also leaving the USA, for now...

Lucy was not happy that I was leaving, or getting a car ride without her!  Thea has promised to make her a new friend to watch over, as she did me!  I do not want to feel like she lost her job! I love you too Lucy!

I have wrapped up all of my extra goods that I have collected along the way!  I am sending them to my Mum so I will not loose them, and will have them always for wonderful memories!  Also Mum, you will find what I made for you, and little Christmas presents for my brothers!  Please add the hugs and kisses that go with them!

Here is the package that is going to Mum!  The post lady said that it would be about a week or so...think of me when you open it!

They are now calling my flight! 

See you all again soon!

Love Lucy!!!


  1. And the adventures continue! Can't wait to hear more....
    Safe travels, Lucy.

  2. Lovely Lucy you are so thoughtful and I'm sure you will have a safe flight and have lots of fun at your new house. Looks like Lucy will miss you too xx