Monday, December 3, 2012

Wreaths, Rabbits, and Decorating, Oh My...

Good Morning from Maine!!!!

It has been frosty every morning!!! 

It's very pretty though!

Small snow squalls keep moving though!!! I  love to see the snow!  There has not been enough for snowballs and snowmen though!  Thea says that snow usually happens around Christmas though February and sometimes March!

This is the first snowflake I saw!!!

 It was so tiny! But watching them float down in the quiet of the night was so neat!

We have been visiting people and their businesses all over the place this week!  


The first place that we visited was Smiths Family Wreaths!!!  They are located in Machias, Maine.

I watched wreaths being made, met a couple of dogs, and found out this is hard work!

I am sitting on a stick of tips!  To get one one of these, someone has to get a large stick about the size of a broom handle, then tips are snapped off of trees (they do not hurt the trees, it is like getting a good pruning!)  The tips are put on the stick and laid on top of one another, around in a circle!  They cannot start the tipping process until it is cold enough.  You are always going to have pine sap, but is has to be cold enough not to be flowing, you would just end up with a mess!  Also, not one wants a dead wreath!  The colder they stay, the longer they last!  They made hundreds of wreaths here, and they spend a lot of time out in the woods gathering the materials that they need!

I am sitting on a wreath that was just finished! The smell is just heavenly!  I think I would like to have a nap here!

Wreaths are made by wrapping tips that have been broken into the right shape, placing them on a thick wire ring, fixing them on with a thin wire that wraps around the tips and the ring.  Every time additional tips are added, the wreath is flipped over so each side is even, and thick with branches.

The types of tips that they use here are spruce, pine, and cedar!!!

They had wreaths piled up on every surface they had in the building!  The work goes around the clock, and napping is pretty much all they can fit in during this season!

These wreaths have moved into the room where they are to be decorated! There are all sorts of different decorations that can be put on the wreaths!!! The selection is crazy!  No one was working in this section when we went in, but we will be seeing some of their finished wreaths when I visit the Historical Ruggles House this weekend!  So, stay tuned!!!

They wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone who would be reading this!!!

We did stop in later to a wreath decorating store.  You can see all of the different types of decorations people order on wreaths!

Pinecones galore!

Need berries, they had them!

I did not know there were so many different pinecones...

Grasses, mosses, pods and angels...


Way more berries than "you can shake a stick at!"  That's what the sales lady said!

And to finish up, ornaments!  


We were going to have a very quiet day and relax, do some crafting, and then Thea went out to the bunny cages this morning...they had started to shed!!!

This is after Shanti's (the bunny) brushing, and you can still see that fiber that is coming loose! 

We will have to groom again in a couple of days!

This was three swipes of the comb on her hind end!

This was the amount of fiber that came out in 20 minutes.  After that Shanti became "hoppy!" Her skin had had enough of the brushing, so we stopped.  

After that we also brushed Leo Petit, and Felix!  We ended up with three shopping bags full of angora rabbit fiber!!! Yay!  It is sooooo soft!

We will be brushing again at the end of the week!

That evening it was time to get some more decorating in!

Here's me with one of Ky's nutcrackers, we listened to the ballet while decorating!

We were very quiet while the lights were put on the tree, it was a little frustrating, especially when a whole set was put on backwards, but we go over it!

Lucy had her own ornament, it's Lucy!!!

After the tree was decorated, additional lights, with garland was put up in the rafters! I helped!

I passed up the ornaments and Shawn put them on the garland.  Ky handed them to me, because they go in a certain order.

They always start with this orange ball!  Orange is a favorite color in this house!


After a busy beginning to the week we took some time for ourselves.  Off to get our backs adjusted, and to make sure we were all in good order!

Found some cool art work at the chiropractors!!! (Look more orange!?)

I found a pumpkin patch in the flower box!

Dr. Nicole, made sure I was well adjusted, and had all of the positive energy I needed for the rest of the season!  (I could have let her do the neck massage for hours!)

This is Babs her dog!  When I first came in she was very excited to see me, so excited that we could not get a picture that was not blurry!  She got settled during our appointment!

While Thea had her appointment, I helped out Lauren, by answering the phone, making appointments on the computer, and meeting new people!!! That place was hoppin'!

Well, there is half of my week!  The second half will be blogged soon! Right now I am off to more festivities!  Check back in soon!

Love Lucy!!!

Can you guess where I went next?!  It is another type of farm!!!


  1. Lucy, I think I could smell the pine through the computer when I looked at the wreath factory photos! I bet you still smell good. And all that angora your mom is wanting to get her hands on some of that softness!
    Keep us posted on your exciting adventures.

  2. Wow that tiny snowflake is just gorgeous, what a pity you cant pack it in your suitcase to take with you. They are just so special aren't they!
    I loved your visit to the wreath makers, I bet they sure are busy right now but how wonderful to have a handmade natural wreath on the door, I bet is just smells divine.
    I hope you are not shedding like your bunny cousins? If anything you should be growing more fur for the cold weather, why do your cousins lose theirs in the cold weather? Lucky you have that gorgeous shawl that Thea made you to keep you warm. I'm not surprised your back was out after the shennanigans you got up to at Thanksgiving :-/
    Looks like you are having the best holiday in Maine, looking forward to finding out which farm you went to.
    hugs Mum xx

    1. Thea says that every three months the bunnies grow a new coat of fur regardless of the season. As it comes in, the old one is shed! It really doesn't have anything to do with seasons! I did make sure that they were not getting cold Mum! But that fur traps some serious heat! They got so hot this summer they needed a hair cut! They are more like to over heat...Don't think that they would like our summers! Love ya Mum!

  3. I can see why you needed to go to the Chiropractor....all of that running around can certainly put a girl out of sorts.
    The wreath makers was so interesting - so many different pine cones and berries, wow.
    You have had a fun half week. I will be anxious to read about the other half.