Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day!!!

Wow!  This has been a long, crazy, and wonderful day!
Thanksgiving was more than I thought it would be!

This is what time I got up!

OMG!!! But Thea had the coffee and tea going already, so I thought, yeah I can do this!

Then the cooking began!!!

Veggies in the food processor, I also got a bit of carrot to get me going! I was in charge of pushing the buttons!

Thea got the turkey out, cleaned it up, and put all of the right spices on it! I spread the veggies around it, added some stock, and in the oven it went!!! For three hours!  I was wondering what we were going to do so early in the morning...

I took little cat nap...with Maxwell! No worries, he went right back to sleep!

Back up again a little while later to check on the turkey, take off the foil so it would brown...

...and them made the apple pie!  Ky and I got to carve the design in the crust!

Another break from cooking, and into the craft room we went.  My shawl as dry, and ready to go! Awesome!!!

I worked on my project and Thea got some work done while we waited for the food to finish! It was hard to wait, the whole house smelled yummy!

Three hours later everything was cooked, and ready to go!  Then I realized that we had a two hour drive to get to the home that we going to eat at, and had to smell this yummy food the whole way!

When we got to Ky's Uncle Phil's home I met all of his kids, and his wife Amanda!

Here are Alex, Jackson, and Arianna!!! They all loved to play with me, and made me feel very welcome! 

We still had to wait for another hour for all of the food to finish cooking, but boy was it worth the wait! They had all my favorites; carrots, snacks, pie, and cheesecake!!!  

As the meal was being served, we went around the table and said what we were most thankful for!  During this trip I have done so many things, and met so many people, I was not quite sure what to say! So, I thought really hard for a while, and when it was my turn, I said that I was thankful for my opportunity to be there,  everyone being so nice, the food that was on the table, and more than anything for my family at home that will always be there for me!

They did not have a traditional meal, there was turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, and green bean casserole.  However, they also had prime rib, curried vegetables, and chipotle sweet potatoes!  There was a lot more stuff, but I cannot remember it all...I drank from the wrong eggnog bowl and ended up...

So, then I took another cat nap!

Don't worry Mum, after I woke up, I redeemed myself by helping with the clean up! 

After a lot more play, talk, family stories, and laughing, it was time to go home! I snoozed the whole way home!

It was a great day!  And to Mum and family, and all of my friends, thank you!  I am most grateful to have all of you in my life!

Love Lucy!!!


  1. Lucy, I am so happy you got to experience Thanksgiving in America again. Looks like yours was a wonderment from early in the morning until the end! Your shawl is beautiful, too. You will probably be needing it soon enough. Where are you off to next, I wonder.

  2. Dearest Lucy,

    You fill up my heart xx

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your wonderful host family and I'm so glad it was such a lovely day.

    Your shawl is so pretty! Thea is such a clever knitter. I hope there were no after effects from the eggnog? I'm tired just reading about what time you had to get up to start the cooking, its a good job there are lots of furry friends to cosy up to.

    Enjoy the quiet after the big day,

    hugs, Mum xx

  3. Lucy that sounds like an absolutely fabulous day. It's fantastic you were able to spend Thanksgiving with such a wonderful family. I hope you don't suffer too much from the after affects of the egg nog, although it looks like you really let your hair down!

  4. well, Lucy - our own dinner was a bit shy of that one, so I'm glad I sent you along. But from now on, HANDS OFF THE NOG!!!