Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Day Before Thanksgiving!

It's me Lucy from the kitchen, and craft rooms of The Lamoureux's, here in Maine!

There is a lot of prep to this Thanksgiving holiday, we have had to start a day early! 

The first thing that we did today when we got up was take the turkey out of the freezer, and tomorrow we will have to get up just at early to start cooking it!  We are going to Ky's Uncle Phil's for Thanksgiving!  He lives about two hours away, and had decided that prime rib was going to be his main course this year, so we are bringing the turkey for those who do not eat red meat! We are also bringing the apple pie!

This is the filling that Ky's Mum, Thea canned this fall (I've had some on ice cream, yummy!)

I have also been crafting with Thea in the last week! We had a mess to sort out to start with...

...but, we got it sorted out in the end! (Yes, I fell asleep, right there in the basket!)

Thea also gave me the supplies, and help I needed to get started on a project for my Mum! You will all have to wait and see when Mum posts it, it's a surprise! 

Love you Mum!

I received a present of my own today!  Thea made me a shawl to keep me warm!  I am not used to weather this cold, and as I am shedding for a thicker, warmer coat, I am not quite there yet! Here I am handing her pins so that we can block the shawl!

Here is a close up of all of the wonderful colors in my shawl!  Very autumn like! Having a hard time being patient for it to dry!

Just wait until you see it on me tomorrow!

The last little tid-bit for today...their dog is also named Lucy!!!

She's one of the best dogs I've met yet!  We get along wonderfully, she has my name, and she will sit with me for as long as I want!

Lucy the Dog, does however like to eat her Mum's wool! So, I have to watch out for her antics when wool is left about!

I saved the yarn Thea was plying today when post came!  Just a little slobber on the end of the spindle! Phew!!!

Cannot wait to show you my Thanksgiving Day!

Love Lucy!!!


  1. Hi Lucy, looks like you are having some wild and woolly adventures. Have a fun Thanksgiving!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Lucy and to your Maine friends!

  3. Looks like Lucy is having a wonderful time!!

  4. Thank goodness you saved that lovely wool of Thea's from big Lucy, she is as bad as Tinky cat with the chewing of wool! Looks like lots of preparations are under way for Thanksgiving, I hope it is a lovely day for all. How wonderful to be crafting, you haven't done any for ages, can't wait to see what you are making. Thea's gift to you looks gorgeous, make sure you say a proper thank you. love to you all, mum xx

  5. Oh, dear. Glad my pups don't eat wool. They only bark like they're going to. HURAAY for your present!!