Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehn, Goodbye.......

......to Scotland.....Nana's finally got her act together and has carefully packed me and my belongings up to send off to England, where I'll be the houseguest of Danielle and Nana says she's extremely jealous that I get to hop,skip and jump around all that wonderful handspun goodness that Danielle makes and sells in her shop!
I've really enjoyed my stay in Scotland and Nana says that if I get to come back one day, she will show me a much more exciting time and take me out and about a lot more. I won't forget my little holiday with her and C though and I'm bringing my lovely new woolly jumper, (which goes really well with the shawl Thea made for me) and shoulder bag with me to remind me of them when I get home. I hope Mum likes them too.
Phew, I seem to have been away for ages!Miss You and Love You, Mum and can't wait to see you. xxx
ps Those are my little golden bunny friends peeping out of my bags for Danielle - Nana says she can eat them because they're special bunnies made of chocolate....but she can't eat me because I'm made of wool and in any case, that would just be plain silly wouldn't it?!