Monday, October 8, 2012

Lucy Visits Nantucket

Yesterday, Lucy came with us to Nantucket's Annual Cranberry Festival. It's been happening for years, and was small for a long time. Then it stopped for a while, and came back amazingly! Tons of fun games, wares, hayrides, and much more. (All of this by Nantucket standards, which is to say it would appear fairly small to most of the world.)

We have had Lucy with us for a very long time now. In fact, what was supposed to be two weeks or so has become almost three months.

Lucy has been super sweet in understanding that it took me far longer to get around to hanging with her than it should have!

Here's Lucy with Magdalena and her father, hanging out when we first got to the festival. We didn't dawdle there long, as shortly after this picture was taken, that gal directly behind them started eating that piece of paper hanging on the fence! Next it was into the tent where there was all manner of cranberry and Nantucket related paraphernalia being sold. And she made some friends right quick!
Here Lucy is with Barnaby and his friend, she wanted to stay and chat but we had to be on!
We had been strolling quite a bit at this point, and this looked like a comfy spot to rest! Lucy is reclining in a basket of yarn shorn from sheep on the island, then hand-spun and sold. Pretty nice! Next it was on to see how the cranberries were (and still are!) processed.
This is is Carrie, she explained that this machine has been around since the bogs opened and still is in use small scale on the bogs. Lucy thought it was very cool!
Then it was onto lunch.
Then a self guided tour of the bogs.
There is a family of wooden Gazelles hanging out on the bogs!
Chilling in the sunshine.
Lucy was amazed by how much work it was to harvest cranberries! Because they have air bubbles in the center of them, they float to the top of the flooded bog, and then are harvested.
Then a hayride back! We had a very fun day, and I hope she enjoyed her (extended) visit! We had so much fun with her!


  1. Lucy, we have a cranberry bog here in WV, too. I could have taken you there if I had only known you were into that kind of thing. Glad you got to visit and learn all about them in a nice BIG bog!
    What fun you are having! Still smiling I see.

  2. There once was a rabbit in Nantucket... Lucy's latest adventure is so interesting, I had no idea how cranberries are grown and harvested. I can understand how Lucy's visit extended to 3 months , shes's such a fun house guest.

  3. Wow Lucy those cranberry bogs look amazing and those cranberries so plump and juicy! How much fun to go to the Festival with your little friend Magdalena, she looks like she looked after you well. I would have had a nice rest in that homespun yarn as well, it looked beautiful. So glad you had a fun time in Nantucket. Your brothers are jealous that you got to go on a hay-ride :-)
    Big hugs from mum and safe travels xx

  4. I love cranberries, what a great place to visit.

  5. what a great visit she had with you.
    she arrived at my house safe and sounds