Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm Still Here!!!

Hope you haven't all been worried about me since you haven't heard from me in so long but never fear, I've been keeping warm and cosy at Nana's all this time because as you all may or may not know, she lives in the frozen hinterland that is Scotland and there's nothing like living through a Scottish Winter to toughen a girl rabbit up!
Christmas was lovely at Nana's with all the pretty decorations and lights she put up and my favourites were these little Eskimo girlies which sat on her mantle so sweetly but what Nana didn't know is that when she went to bed and was fast asleep, it was PARTY ON and they climbed down from the mantle and invited all the other toys and me to join them and we had a great time singing and dancing the night away (Nana couldn't hear us because for all I know, she might snore quite loudly and then again, our voices are very small and squeaky!). Then as if by  magic, when Nana got up in the morning, all was quiet and still and back to normal..... you'd never think we'd been partying until dawn, we looked so sweet and innocent and not in the least bit tired!
....and on Christmas Morning before Nana got up, I had a good snoop amongst all the presents...
... and there was even a little one for me from Nana! - she had knitted me a lovely new chunky sweater to keep me extra-specially warm in these colder climes, as well as a trendy new shoulder bag to help carry all my new things in whilst on my travels. I love them so much . I will be packing them for when it's time for me to leave Nana's and I hope I get to wear them at my next new home if it's cold enough.

A short while after Christmas Day, Nana received some really sad news about her very bestest and oldest friend (that's them in the pic above, taken a few years ago) so unfortunately, we missed all the New Year broo-ha-ha because Nana didn't really feel like celebrating that much. However, her pretty little Grandaughter, C, has been giving me lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles...

 and she's also introduced me to some of her lovely toys and let me play shops with her, although she tried to scan me and sell me to Nana in exchange for lots of chocolate coins!

Then I went to work with Nana and she let me say hello to the horses.....
....the big one is called 'Biggles' and the little one, who Nana says is a Shetland Pony, is called 'Isaac' and he's very cheeky indeed. You know what he does? He drags all the straw from his stable and spreads it around the yard so that his groom has to put him out into the big field beside Biggles, his friend, while she tidies up the mess that he made so cleverly!
.....Can you see his little face? Looks like butter wouldn't melt, doesn't it?
Other things have been happening too, like Nana's birthday last week and because it falls on the same day as Scotland's National Bard, Robert Burns, we celebrated with some haggis, which Nana let me taste and which I quite liked but I think I liked the potatoes and turnip which went with it a lot better, I am a Rabbit, after all!
pic courtesy of Photobucket
So here I still am, in the land of Tartan and Bagpipes and although I don't really want to, I know I will be moving on soon but I will miss Nana and C lots and lots and they have told me that they have really,really enjoyed having me here and promise to keep in touch with me when I eventually get home to my Mum and Dad and Brothers and Animals down on the farm. I'd better not talk about my lovely family too much otherwise it might make me homesick and I've still got a LOT of travelling to do, although Nana said she'll say to me when I leave, 'Haste Ye Back' which is Scottish for 'come back soon'!

I hope you've enjoyed reading about my Celtic exploits (Nana apologises about them not being very exciting for me). I have truly enjoyed being here and spending time with Nana's friends and family (though somewhere warmer next visit would be very,very nice indeed!I'm sure there's a bikini waiting on a beach somewhere for me to get into!).
Thank You Nana and C.
 Love you loads.
Lucy, Rabbit Extraordinaire

ps the pic at the top of this post is of Nana's neighbours house across the street from where she lives. Nana says although those lights are very bright and cheery, they're the reason why there's a great big hole in something called the 'Ozone Layer'!


  1. Oh, Lucy, I am so jealous....I want to visit Scotland. Would you put in a good word for me with Nana? It all looks perfect....except perhaps the haggis....but the candles helped!

  2. Scotland! How fun! I wondered what you were up to over the last few weeks - glad you have been enjoying yourself!

    Safe travels my "furry" friend. :)


  3. Hi Lucy, how lucky are you getting to visit in Scotland. There seems to be horses where ever you go. It was great timing for you to be there for Burns day and got to try haggis and neeps. Happy travels!

  4. Hi Lucy, It sounds like you had a wonderful time in Scotland with Nana. Hmm, not so sure about the haggis either but so pleased you were there to celebrate Robert Burns day.

  5. Dearest Lucy it sounds like you have been having a wonderful time and have been keeping Nana good company. So glad that Nana made you a lovely sweater as it has been pretty cold over there in Scotland! Didn't those lovely horses you met have any rugs on? Your horsey friends back home are very spoilt aren't they as it doesn't even really get cold there in winter and they are all rugged up by mum just in case they feel cold. Haggis would have been interesting to try but I would stick to the veggies too. Give Nana and C a big hug from us all before you go. Love Mum xx

    1. Hi Mum, Nana says to tell you that Biggles has his rug on - you can just about spot it in the pics but Isaac doesn't need a rug because he's a Shetland with lots and lots of long hair!He never feels the cold. See you soon, Mum, love you. xxx

  6. HI Lucy!
    Looks like you are having such a fun time.
    I love those photos of you getting such loving hugs!