Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presents from Lucy

Lucy must be having a good time with  Mrs P in Adelaide, she is probably spending a lot of time in her Pyjamas so not much different from home really :-) 

She has sent me a lovely postcard to say how much fun she is having and also a beautiful little suitcase full of chocolates.....

I've also been told she had been a bit naughty!  She had better start behaving herself or I might have to cut her holiday short!  I will just have another chocolate and calm myself down....

Stay tuned, more on Lucy later.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sunshine Coast and Melbourne

Lucy's second stop on her world tour was with me, Marg from Sunshine? Paradise?
Lucy has been staying with me for a couple of weeks now, a little longer than I was intending, as I made a quick trip away and Lucy came with me.

While she was here on the Sunshine Coast she did lots of interesting things.
 Look at the lovely scarf Kate made for Lucy.
We went for a drive to look at the local scenery.

Lucy had a horse and carriage ride at my sister's house.

She phoned home to Jenni.

Lounged by the pool, before going to Melbourne. It wasn't warm enough to go in for a dip.

 We travelled on a tram to the Good Food and Wine Show.

Said hello and had a photo taken.

Sampled some champagne, it was there, we had to!

Went to the Lindt shop and had hot chocolate and macarons.

Now Lucy is going to visit another blogging friend. I've given her something to make sure she has something to eat. Where she is going there is a very good chance that there will be no vegetables on the menu.

Dash Robin Designs

MONDAY, MAY 23, 2011

blog with bunny

Lucy's next visit was with Dash Robin Design in Brisbane
Before my special house guest Lucy heads off today I need to whip up a little parting gift for her...a scarf like this...but it won't take long...she's pretty little!

She came with me to lots of places...friends, markets, cafes, gallery openings(!), gardens, classes-I toted her along in my bag and she behaved beautifully!

She had to sample a organic hazlenut and apricot tart from Sol breadAnd enjoyed viewing the Brisbane river from Kangaroo point cliffs.

She's setting a good example by travelling safely between destinations!

In Windsor she met the much loved chooks of the Northey street city farm and joined me and Luka wandering around the grounds seeing the lovely kids spaces on Sunday and meeting the Village life stall holders...

And to end on a high note she had a look at the giant kites flown by the Queensland kite club in Clontarf (on Moreton bay) We are going to miss her SOOOOO much, she was utterly adored by everyone who met her...(in fact she even did a side trip to another bloggers place which I will update about soon)...but in the meanwhile big thanks to Jenni from Baa me knitsfor making her and making this story happen, its been really fun!

She's off to Sunshine? Paradise? blog next so keep tuned!


Baa-Me Kniits said...
I wish she had taken up my offer to carry her bag.....she is having such a fun holiday :-)
Anonymous said...
This is really cute. Love the fact she's wearing a back pack! LK
Rachaeldaisy said...
Lucy looks like she's having a wonderful time!! What a little cutie!!
1funkyknitwit said...
Too cute - love this ! :D
K said...
I must say, I'd like to know when to expect her here in the states. I have to line up her visit, you know.
dash robin said...
You'll have to contact jenni on this one, I only know where she is going next K.

Bon voyage

Lucy's adventure started in May this year when she accompanied Aunty Carolyne to Brisbane to keep her company while she visited the doctors.  She had her first plane ride and went out for nice lunches. Pictures will posted  soon to update this post.