Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Presents from Lucy

Lucy must be having a good time with  Mrs P in Adelaide, she is probably spending a lot of time in her Pyjamas so not much different from home really :-) 

She has sent me a lovely postcard to say how much fun she is having and also a beautiful little suitcase full of chocolates.....

I've also been told she had been a bit naughty!  She had better start behaving herself or I might have to cut her holiday short!  I will just have another chocolate and calm myself down....

Stay tuned, more on Lucy later.


  1. Lucy. Naughty?! More likely led astray, you know what happened when Marg went to Pjamaland. Actually I'm not sure what went on but I can just imagine! It's very thoughtful of her to send chocolates and a post card.

  2. Ooh yummy chocolates, Lucy is very considerate isn't she!
    Hmmm I wonder why Lucy is being a bit naughty now that she is with Shay? Maybe someone could be a bad influence on her. I hope Lucy doesn't end up in jail.