Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Festival of Lights, Hanukkah

She came to us one snowy day, the only snowy day in fact that we've had this winter season, on the back of a chicken through the forest.  All the way she came clear across the ocean from Australia to our family for a short visit here Utah, USA.

Okay, so maybe she didn't arrive on the back of a chicken but she did come in a snowstorm and she did come all the way from Australia.  Her name is Lucy and she is traveling the globe and it just so happens out of  all of the houses she chose to stop at...... ours has been one of them.  We feel quite lucky!  So lucky in fact, that we invited Lucy to celebrate Hanukkah with us!

We had no idea when we invited Lucy to join us that she was such a crack in the kitchen.  Levi loves to help me shred potatoes.  I had about 50 potatoes to shred so Lucy helped Levi while other Native's and I peeled.
She and Levi had the fun part....

After the potatoes are shredded they go into a bowl along with several other ingredients for the latkes!  Lucy was very keen on making sure I fried the latkes to perfection.  They have to be nice and crisp and brown.  We like to eat them with applesauce.

When Lucy saw that the dreidel game was being played she left me to my kitchen duties, (I didn't blame her, I'd have left if I could too) and went over to play the dreidel game.

I think Lucy is getting the hang of it...... look how much candy she is winning!

As we were waiting for the donuts to rise and cook, it was time to light our menorah.  We let Lucy be the guest of honor.  First candle lit on our first night of "The Festival of Lights"!

 We've had a lot of fun having Lucy for a visit.  She's packing her bags, getting her visa stamped by us and soon will be headed off across the country to visit another friend in West Virginia, USA.

The End!


  1. The photo of Lucy riding a chicken in the snow is so funny!!!! It looks as she she having a wonderful time. Those latkes look delicious!

  2. Love the first photo. Lucky she arrived with her hat and scarf to keep her warm.
    It looks like Lucy had lots of fun and was very helpful too.

  3. Goodness Lucy you are having a grand adventure! Lots of new friends, lots of new experiences and lots of love. I'm glad you rode a chicken and didn't try to take one of the horses from your last host, hmmm if I know you you probably did try to talk one of the horses into going with you :-) I hope you were a good houseguest and didn't show yourself up by eating all that candy in one go, there would have been no sleep after Festival if you did. Stay warm, mum xx

  4. Dear Mum,

    I was a good girl. I did not eat all of the candy. I shared with all around. The only reason I didn't take one of Kristen's horses is because the house I am staying at at present has a back yard full of sheep. It's a bit crowded so I chose a smaller critter to arrive on.

    I am staying warm thanks to the lovelies who made me a hat and scarf. The weather here is quite mild although I hear I am in for rougher weather as I head east. I'll let you know when I get to my destination.

    Lucy XX

  5. YAY!! It was FUN to have her around!

  6. Wow! Looks like Lucy had a wonderful time. She's not only traveling to different places, but enjoying different different traditions.