Friday, January 20, 2012

Almost Heaven: West Virginia USA

Here I am in West Virginia....Almost Heaven!  And I was still smiling and happy even after being locked in the dark box all the way here from Utah.  I didn't even have to nibble all of my carrot.  I used my backpack for a pillow and enjoyed the trip.
After a couple of days of rest, we took a trip to Tamarack, the Best of West Virginia, ( so Donna could drop off 3 pieces of art for a show in the gallery and let me see some of West Virginia's best arts and crafts.

Did you see me perched up in the daffodil? 
Go back and look.  Now, let's go see what is inside the building.
Here I am perched on the frame of one of Dave Houser's
finest pieces of stained glass.  West Virginia has 55 counties and
very few straight lines.  Preston County is the
red piece with the 2 straight edges. 
Dave is from Preston County.
I learned all kinds of things on this trip.

Hey!  Here is one of Donna's  pieces of artwork for sale....Just Bee.
This is an Allegheny Treenware gravy bowl and ladle...
they are from Preston County, too.  Have you
noticed there are lots of talented people from Preston County?

And here she is in one of Shelia's nice baskets...
another fine Preston County artist.
West Virginia has long been famous for glass making...
look at those swirls and colors. 
 Don't I look stylish standing here?  Those swirls!
Susan Feller made this pretty ruglet. 
Donna took a class from her once upon a time and made
a hooked pin with a sassy little chick in the middle.
Oh!  Now we're talking. 
I found friends!  We had the nicest chat.
I hope they find nice homes and get to
have fun adventures, too.
And then it was time for a little ride on the pony. 
Much more my size than that gigantic thing at Kristen's house.
Oh, and the giant things were friendly enough...just, well,

Gigantic like they would fit under this beautiful hand made saddle.

On the way home we went over the New River Gorge Bridge...
well, we went over it on the way down, too,
but the pull off was on this side and not that side...
this bridge is the longest single arch span in the northern hemisphere...
or maybe the world!  It was a little bit scary for me sitting there....
even scarier than the ledge in front of Kristen's river.

I was very brave, but Donna didn't want to lean out far enough to get this next photo without putting me in a safer place.  If you look, you can see how you walk out there to do the under the bridge walking tour.  It even made Donna's  knees shake.
 If you want some more info, you can try to read the sign.
One day Donna wore this necklace to school and her 5th graders wanted to make one of their own. 
Since she taught them how to sew to make their poetry pockets, they have been bitten by the bug. 
It's sweet.

Here I am waiting with the supplies for the kids to come up
(during their lunchtime!) to sew. 
 They were very excited to meet me and hear about my travels so far. 
 They checked out my Passport to see everywhere I had been.

Look at all these busy hands....

After seeing all the kids busy making their own necklaces, I decided I would like one of my own.
So, being an easy touch for an international bunny,  Donna made me one....sweet girl!

Remember the comment about the big horse at Kristen's?  Well, Donna doesn't have horses, but she does have a dog that is just about as big as a small horse...especially if you are a small rabbit.  But the Mercy girl is very friendly, so aside from a few slurps all went well.
 I guess dog riding is an acquired talent...and Mercy wasn't even standing up!

It was great fun to visit in West Virginia.  Everyone was very friendly.
Afterall, everyone loves Lucy, right?

FROM DONNA:   I hope Lucy has a great time on her next stop.  She is such a good guest.  I wonder if she is starting to miss her momma back in Australia?
Don't you wish you could travel by post?  See the world a stamp at a time....


  1. It's great to see Lucy having such a great time!! It was wonderful to see all the Preston County art. She's becoming quite an accomplished rider of 4 legged beasts, very impressive. Lucy new necklace is so pretty too!!

  2. Looks like Lucy had a wonderful time in West Virginia. That gorge is huge. I was a little afraid Lucy might fall .. what a cute necklace. Yes, everybody does Love Lucy!

  3. Oooh Lucy I can't look at you right next to that gorge.....its a long way down!. How nice to go to school and meet some new friends too. Your visit to the Preston County Art Show looks great and isn't Donna a lovely artist and how sweet of her to make you a gorgeous necklace! Your holiday looks like a lot of fun. Hugs Mum xx

  4. I want that dog...... just sayin..... that Mercy girl dog is gorgeous.

    Lucy is an accomplished rider of four legged critters but don't forget she came two my house on the back of a chicken! Two legs or two drumsticks or two thighs...... how ever you want to look at it. ;)

    1. Mercy is a beauty and the sweetest dog we have ever owned. She almost died her entire first year of life, so now she really just enjoys being alive...even when rabbits ride her!

  5. Dear Lucy - here is my greatest envy of you - that you got to spend time with Donna, who is one of the sweetest, best hearts on the planet, and eventually you will go home to Jenni, who I love. You are one lucky chick of a rabbit. At least I didn't have to envy you rachel. I can go get a hit of her any old time. Sad to see you leave our neck of the woods, but there are great adventures yet to come!

    1. Kristen, if we could only figure out how to travel by post we could visit each other and Jenni!

  6. Lucy, I hope you have safe travels and a splendid visit at your next stop in Washington State...I here they are having some snow and ice...

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  8. Lucky Lucy is visiting some fantastic places. By the end of her trip she should be an accomplished four legged animal rider!
    It's really lovely to see the wonderful local art and to see where Lucy has been. I love Lucy's beautiful necklace.

  9. Looks like you all gad a blast!