Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lucy in the Emerald City

Hello friends! Lucy has been very patient with her current hostess who has taken forever to upload images and trip reports. Can you guess where she is?

Lucy has been visiting Seattle, Washington! She got to ride on a ferry boat which offered great views of downtown, the Space Needle and a sky full of clouds.

Lucy got to ride on the messiest sheep in the state, Hazel, who really needs a spring shearing!

Lucy made great friends with Albert, a very calm, gentle Springer Spaniel and Goldie the chicken.

I hope Lucy has some more great adventures. We loved having her visit. Bon Voyage!


  1. Looks like Lucy had a great time and made some new friends! Where is she off to next?

  2. Seattle looks like it is a lovely city and Lucy always enjoys meeting new friends. Hazels fleece looks like a bit of work would be needed before it could be spun! Travel safe dear Lucy xx

  3. I´m sure your Lucy had a great time in Seattle!
    Cute idea of Lucy!

  4. Seattle looks like fun!! Lucy is such a rider of various animals, including sheep! I bet hanging out with Goldie the chicken was fun.

  5. Oh! I missed this before. SHE GOT TO VISIT HAZEL!! I am SO envious. What fun! Lauri is just the person you'd want to kiss and hug. Lucy has all the fun!

  6. HEY, Lucy fun this must have been. Come stay with me awhile and I'll let you drive a tractor...ride a frozen yogurt....teach you to say HOWDY and YA'LL....
    Have fun,
    bj in West Texas

    oops, there's word verification on here...
    just sayin'..:)

  7. Oh I love Seattle! Super jealous Lucy got to visit! Can't wait til she visits me!