Monday, August 1, 2011

Lucy hits WA

Lucy arrived at my home here in Western Australia about a week ago now.  She's been suffering from a bit of jet lag from the huuuuge time differences between here and South Australia (she says it hits rabbits quite hard) and then I accidentally passed on my cold she got some awful germs from someone so has been resting up with me.

Luckily, she brought an amazing doona with her to snuggle under so we have been having couch time together in our pyjamas reading Harry Potter

And some delicious Haigh's mint choc drops to nibble on while reading.  What more could a couple of gals ask for?

Tomorrow she is coming with me and my kindy class on an excursion to AQWA.  We* are all very excited and hopefully if it is not toooo crazy we will have a lovely story to share a bit later in the week once we I have recovered.

* By we, I mean Lucy and the kids, excursions are too much planning, co-ordinating, 'stay together', 'where is Bob?!?!?!' and toilet visiting with 12 children to be excited about for those of us in charge.


  1. I knew I should have carried Lucy's bag! I hope you both survive the 'excitement' and have a great day xx

  2. Oh that sounds like an adventure! I hope you two feel better soon.

  3. Cuddling up on a couch with a good book can do wonders! :-)