Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lucy's Perth Visit

Lucy had a fantastic stay in Perth.  She came to school and met Mr Bunny (our class mascot), went on an excursion and visited the Swan Valley.  Lots of excitement!

 Reading a book with Mr Bunny in preparation for our excursion to AQWA.

Fishing in our class boat
 Rex Hunt styles!

 A ride on a turtle

Scuba diving with the fishies

 A bus ride to AQWA with my Kindy kids.

Looking at the coral

 And bravely checking out a shark.

 In the Swan Valley at the Margaret River Chocolate Factory

And back at home with a mystery bag of goodies!

Lucy has just arrived at Rachael's place so I'm sure she will have many more adventures to share with you soon!


  1. Lucy sure had a fun time in WA!! Riding on turtles and visiting chocolate factories!!

  2. Oh Lucy you are having such a good time! Your brothers think that you are visiting too many chocolate factories but they were pretty impressed that you got so close to a shark. It must have been fun going back to school again and it looks like you made lots of new little friends. :-)

  3. Lucy you are one lucky girl. Haigh's and the Margaret River Chocolate Factory!!!!
    What an exciting time Lucy has ben having, so close to a shark, kissing fish and riding on a turtle, wow.

  4. Lucy - you live so much more an exciting life than I do. It would only be right for you to share those chocolates -

  5. I am so excited to have found your blog!! I look forward to reading all her adventures too! Lucky girl has her own passprot too. How exciting!

  6. chocolate is a big recurring theme through these visits...hmm, wondering if she needs a trip to the dentist as well ;o) Lovely reading this with my 2 sons!