Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lucy Departs Australia Soil...

Lucy's next adventure is overseas and we realised we had to apply for a passport. You know how these things take time, so Lucy has been filling her days hanging out with Lulu and Minkey. Here she is sharing her beautiful quilt made by Shay of Quilting in my Pyjamas with her friends. They love telling Lucy stories and of course she's all ears!!

Her passport was soon ready. Apparently celebrity rabbits are allowed to have special colourful passports
It's officially stamped and dated...

Lucy and I checked she had all she needed for her journey. A sturdy backpack, a shawl and beanie for cool days, a magic carrot that no matter how much she nibbles on it it'll grow back in a flash. A very handy travel snack.

I packed some books for her to read on the flight.

We figured that's all she needed until she gets to her next visit with Linda at Natural Suburbia blog. Pop over and have a look at Linda's patterns for knitted flowers and vegetables and critters. Oh my golly!! Lucy is going to feel right at home!!

Safe travels Lucy, We look forward to hearing all about your next adventure!


  1. Bon Voyage baby girl, have a fantastic trip. Hugs and kisses Mum. xx

  2. Lucky Lucy, lots of lovely reading material for the trip. Love her passport too.

  3. Hope Lucy has safe travels .. I am still hoping she will make it to sunny California, but I haven't heard yet ...

  4. This is really cute! She can come visit me in New England any time. :p

  5. What a lovely idea, she's more than welcome to visit my 3 little girls in England if she would like?

  6. I wonder where Lucy is right now? I miss hearing from her!!

  7. Fantastic passport-great touch of humour and lovely shots :o)